Day 2


More interviews from outside and inside perspectives (Vivian & Lisa). Starting time was around 1pm as we planned to have a short day to keep a fresh feeling going. We immediately met the Wei River and followed the city park paths along it. Met new friends and found our WeChat group blowing up. People gave us a WeChat nickname: The three donkeys! Today was a short day that ended with a walk through a garbage yard for 2 Km and a nice Sichuan restaurant next to a simple homely hotel run by an elderly couple, very nice. Early night, good plan, finding our groove!


Written by Pat



Today felt like total rooks as we found “great” camping (suitable) where we wanted to stay but had no food with us. The closest restaurant was 2.5 Km away meaning it would take us 2 hours to walk to food and back at our average pace. Luckily when we got to the restaurant where we ate we found a cheap hotel next door with an old man and woman who refused to let us carry our trailers up the stairs without their help. On our way to the restaurant we were led by Paul’s phone through a town that no longer existed. It was strange to navigate through rubble of tiles, trash and weeds. We decided not to look like rooks, so we will carry a day of food with us from now on. 


Written by Timb

Distance traveled today: 10 Km

Total distance traveled: 37 Km 

End point: SW Xianyang – Hotel

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