Day 4


Today was our last day with our Trip Director Vivian. We found out we can fit our trailer in our tent this morning; thank god for that! After we were out of our rooms and had given all our stuff we no longer wanted to bring with us to Vivian, we went to breakfast where we had belt noodles. We asked and they said we could make noodles from hand in the shop, which was awesome. We then started our walk for the day where we quickly found ourselves on a dirt path following a 15-meter-wide drainage gutter on our right and corn fields on our left. The path was single file for the most part which meant we did not have many conversations. We tend to not talk unless we can walk side by side and today was mostly single file. We found a good hotel to stay the night and picked up face masks for dust and tiger balm spray for Timb’s ankle.


Distance traveled: 18 Km

Total distance traveled: 83 Km

End point: ZhenYuanZhen - Hotel


Written by Paul

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Наша миссия - пройти от одного символического конца Шёлкового Пути до другого, переплетая истории различных Мест, Людей, и их Целей.