Day 5


Shortly after our day started we noticed a sign for some Buddhist Temples not far off route (our route went around them and continued). We visited the Sea Dragon King Temple and the ChengHuang Temple of WuGong. WuGong village had the best noodles – simple fried noodles but SO good. Afterwards we walked through the market street and bought folding stools which drew a large crowed and even an english speaking woman who was working in international sales in the tiny town of WuGong. Putting on some kilometers, we saw lots of apple orchards, some persimmons trees, and tons more corn and tractors. Arriving in Xinglin we asked some locals about a hotel and learned they were somewhat confused about where we could find one. Some said 12 km down the road and another showed us a nice place 100 meters down the street. The lady at the front desk was concerned we would not like the fact that the toilet was outside the room at the end of the hallway. After resolving her concerns and soaking our feet we went to get haircuts and shaves. By we, I mean Paul & Timb. We returned to the barber shop next to our hotel. The same one that emptied into the street as we were checking in (including the barber and her half haircut patron). They were excited to see us return and seemed to be the heart of town with all the visitors that came and went, taking pictures of the foreigners. It calmed down for a moment and we got to know the owner and her husband a little before the crowed returned to commence more picture taking and group photos and maybe even some free food waiting for us in Baoji. Paul and Timb look good after a scissor and straight razor clean up. We were led to dinner by the husband of the barber and again had some of the best noodles ever!


Distance: 21 Km

Total Distance: 104 Km

End: Xinglin - Hotel


Written by Pat 

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