Day 6


Hey world, today we went to Famensi, a modern day monolithic Buddhist temple! But today started with us walking out of XinglinZhen. Our first stop out of XinglinZhen was picking up lunch. We stumbled into a little bodega where we found some more walnut and peanut milk (so delicious!) and we bought 9 of them this time. As we were packing up our lunch for the day the owner of the shop came out and gave us four free apples, some of the sweetest apples we’ve ever had. We continued down the road, crossed a bridge and were stopped by a dude on a motor bike who invited us to dinner when we get to Baoji. We turned North after the bridge and continued walking north until we reached Famensi. We were blown away by the size of the just the entrance. When planning the route the day before we were confused as to what we were looking at because it looked too big, but when we finally arrived we were no longer confused as to what we were seeing on the satellite images. We walked into the park, museum, temple, monastery? (I’m not sure what to call it) with our walking trailers and were greeted by multiple 40 foot Buddhavistas on either side of us for about a kilometer. With having such a long line of sight, we could see just how much pollution was in the air today. Damn you China for having polluted air now and may you quickly change! We may want to invest in some chemistry masks to save our lungs.


Distance traveled: 26 km

Total distance traveled: 130 km

End point: Famensi - Hotel


Written by Paul

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