Day 7


Today began with the mist falling softly through the ever present smog. We got three orders of steam baked bread dumplings each, two for breakfast and one for the road. The day started off muddy and quickly became a quiet one once we began walking on a rural highway single file. We got stopped by a police car when they pulled over for us. The two young cops asked for our passports, what we were doing, and where we were going. Then one went to call in on the radio while the other practiced his English with us, chit chatting about the Famensi Temple. After they let us go, we continued down the highway. We ate a crappy lunch of bad packed tufo, bread, tea eggs, our favorite walnut peanut milk, and mystery meat until Paul went inside and bought some cookies and wafers that were quite good. The lady there didn’t understand why we didn’t just go three km north to a good noodle place for lunch. We continued on and again were stopped by the police. This time we walked up on two police cars with a speed trap. They stopped us to offer us hot water and take photos with us. It was funny hanging out with them for a little, as they continually refilled our waters and took a ton of photos. We passed out stickers to them as we left. Both sets of police just wanted to interact with us it seemed. Finished a long day feeling tired but good and set up well to get to Baoji fairly early…. Well we just got back from a lively hot pot dinner. The first time we were treated to more than apples by strangers. We were invited in by the manager, and we then got to met then owner.  Despite Paul and Pat’s understanding of Chinese culture, we are still learning to navigate it. Originally, a table came over and did toasts with us and then bought us three beers. In return, we bought them six (because there were six of them). Our money was refused though and as it turned out, the person we tried to buy beers for was the owner. We tried to buy him six of his own beers. He seemed to look frustrated at us trying to show him generosity. He later came over and welcomed us to China about 15 times saying that it was open. As he started to drift asleep at our table the workers at his restaurant took him off to put him to bed. We finally requested to interview our original host the next day. Finally heading to bed 2 hours after the time we insisted amongst ourselves that we would be heading home. It was a fun night though and a good culmination to the first week and the valley that we will soon be out of as we leave Baoji.


Distance: 31 km

Total distance: 161 km

End: QiShan - Hotel 


Written by Timb

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    Sandy Bundy (Monday, 13 November 2017 16:54)

    You're giving a pretty-much homebound old lady a chance to travel the world! Thank you. Wherever you go, folks are folks.

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