Day 8


Our first rest day happened by accident. Starting on day three Timb and Pat had muscle tightness and sore knees and feet, which were remedied by implementing walking poles among other things. Pat had cramps in the arch of his left foot and tightness in his calves. Hot foot soaks in the evening helped this immensely. It was so good in fact that Paul and Timb joined in the foot soaking. We think the arch pain was from wearing unbroken-in footwear which naturally worked itself out. Timb had pain in the front part of his right ankle and began wrapping it each day to much relief. Paul is a machine. Day eight was going to be a short walk on our way to Baoji where we planned to take a rest day, but as the morning started with Paul and Timb buying groceries and Pat doing our first interviews of the walk with the owner of the hot pot restaurant from the night before. However, the owners friend seemed eager to talk and didn’t understand how interviews work. But in his defense, Pat still hadn’t worked out quite how these interviews were suppose to go either. After all this morning activity the team decided it might be nice to chill out and rest for the day instead of having a half day. This turned out to be the clearest day so far with blue skies and views of the mountains to the north. Naturally, we spent the day in the room looking into possible academic hook-ups and documents for museum and institute reach-out. That evening we found a Dao Xiao Mian restaurant that had an automated manikin that cut the noodles. The shop was owned by a man who had been making noodles for over 25 years. He told us that his shop logo, a charactature of himself, was drawn by his son who now lives and works as an artist in Xi’An.


Distance: 0 km

Total distance: 161 km

End: QiShan - Hotel


Written by Pat

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