Day 9


Woah, what a day. After our rest day, we woke energized and vitalized. We walked down the street and got jiaoza from the same shop we ate at the day before. Filling our bellies, we hit the road. Our route today was a zigzag pattern of lefts and rights as we headed South West towards the mountain pass just after Baoji. This gave us the much-appreciated opportunity to spend most of our time today off the highway and on famer roads. We felt as if we were somewhere in the Midwest of America at times with how flat it is here. How quickly that is about to change for us though. We stopped in a small village with a bustling Main Street for lunch and had some delicious bread noodles. The owner of the shop was very nice to us and insisted that we continue to sit and take a load off our feet even after we had finished our meals and paid. When we did exit the shop, it wasn’t long till we were greeted to a small crowd of people absolutely fascinated by our walking trailers and who we were. It was our first time being able to pass out a flier which was just recently translated into Chinese and it lit a fire amongst the crowd. One person read out loud in Chinese “three friends, two years, 9 countries, over 9,000 Km” which made the group laugh and murmur as they continued to ask us all questions about our journey. Before we could get arrested by the towns interest and hospitality, we said our good byes and continued down the road. About 9 Km outside of our original destination for the night Pat spotted a bomber campsite right off the side of the road that overlooked the small village below. It’s our first night camping and if feels great to finally sleep outside again. Tonight, we sleep with the sound of crickets and frogs. Good night China. 


Distance: 24 km

Total Distance: 185 km

End: Outside DaiWangCun - Camping


Written by Paul

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