Day 10


Today was a quiet and uneventful day. We broke down and left camp in an hour and a half, eating a simple breakfast of cracker that taste animal crackers, and our favorite walnut peanut milk. We walked along a riverside and took our morning break next to a beautiful quiet park. We had a feast of a snack almost finishing an entire small jar of peanut butter, dense local bread, spicy nuts, and banana chips. We passed over a wetland park filled with ducks as we headed toward the city and walked a busy road next to a railroad track for a while. We stopped and had wraps from a couple street stands and continued on to our hotel. We passed over a beautiful river valley surrounded by high rises fading off into the nearly ever present smog. I have never before seen such a large river basin of trees and wetland with such urban development all around. We then got to our hotel at 2 pm. Finally felt like we were in the flow today. Traveling about 9 km over the course of two hours, taking a break, then doing it again. At the hotel I (Timb) collapsed into a two hour nap, which is one of my favorite activities, while Paul and Pat chilled and showered. Pat and I then did laundry in basins and the sink. For dinner we got chopped fried noodles and found some ice cream after. We are looking forward to our next section through the mountains but also unsure about it in many ways. There are no hotels till the next province and our real question is how far apart are our water sources? Surely we will be able to get some local intel when we are closer tomorrow but for now we are preparing to be traveling heavy. It will be the first time we do so this trip, even though it will become a norm many times to follow.


Distance: 25 km

Total Distance: 210 km

End: Eastside Baoji Outskirts Hotel


Written by Timb

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