Day 11: Baoji 宝鸡


Baoji must have been sad to know we were soon leaving as it rained softly for the majority of the day. We had an early start and crushed 3 km before finding a sizable shopping center where we foolhardily decided to go shopping before we ate breakfast. We planned to buy enough food for the next ten days—to get us over the mountains and out of Shaanxi Province and into Gansu where we would have more options for food and lodging. Instead we ended up buying three days of food after double checking our phones for the frequency of villages in the pass and reflecting on the presence of shops and markets in the previous villages we'd passed through. By the time we had left the super market we had lost our head start on the day.


As we walked through the city of Baoji we enjoyed the relaxing pace of the day, the soft rain and cool weather. Some part of me was relishing the easy flow and smooth walking surfaces as well as the wonderful temperatures, knowing the mountains—not to mention the winter—was soon to come. Before we arrived to Baoji, it was a topic of excitement as our first checkpoint on our journey. Now, as we crossed the city, this excitement seemed to become an unspoken sobering feeling to me, but maybe it was just the rain. Our mission for this evening is to repack and organize ourselves and our trusty traveling trailers for the mountain crossing ahead, and the beginning of the end of Shaanxi’s chapter in our long journey.

Distance: 19 Km

Total Distance: 239 Km

End: Westside Baoji (宝鸡) Outskirts -- Hotel


Written by Pat

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