Day 12


From city to country side today. We started our day with some meat packed Baozi at a small restaurant that was packed with locals (travel tip #78 eat where the locals eat & if it’s busy it’s probably good food). We quickly said our goodbyes to Baoji and hit the main road heading West. It didn’t take us long to feel the absence of sky scrapers and shops as we quickly found ourselves surrounded by what we called “Minnesota Mountains.” These would probably be called hills in other parts of the world but coming from such a flat state makes any sized rock jutting out of the ground acquire the title “Mountain” in our eyes. We spent most of our day on one road that headed up and down hills and through tunnels. Walking through a tunnel that is roughly 1.5 km is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done by the way! The dust, the exhaust, the loud engines and honking horns, the side walk that is just wide enough to accommodate our trailers and the fact that the drivers passing each other while going 70 km an hour, feet away from our faces made for an experience I am not looking forward to having again. Does it beat climbing over the mountain though? Perhaps…


Distance: 25 km

Total Distance: 264 km

End: Pingtou Hotel


Written by Paul

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