Day 15


We woke today to find our tents had been soaked by the morning dew. Not a morning dew we’re used to either, rather it was as if someone had dunked our tent in the river next to us then set it up soaking wet. No worries though, cold and wet are some of our favorite environments. After leaving our splendid camp site, we continued west down the village road. We stopped at a hole in the wall convenient shop that doubled as the owners’ house to pick up the vehicles (bread) to go with our riders (peanut butter now) and he showed us his meter-long smoking pipe. Before we left the shop, owner told us we had 4 mountains to pass over before we reached MaijiShan, our nearest destination and the largest grottos in China. We took a sip of water, looked at our watches (09:30), and realized we had some hoofing to do a head of us. As we walked farther and farther away from the village there was less and less developed land. The mountain side turned from farmed and cultivated land to forest and the road followed quite literally right next to the mountain stream. The road followed the mountain stream up and up as it twisted and turned through what at times felt like a canyon. It was steep and we could feel the weight of our trailers as we pulled them up the mountain. Eventually we left the mountain stream and we on a set of switch backs climbing slightly at every turn. When we made it to the top, each of us let out a sigh/hoot of relief. What goes up must also come down though. It was less exciting going down. We continued down the same road (county road 444) we had been on all day till we found a suitable campsite in the woods. Near the road but in the woods with two small streams running next to us and enough space for all of us to lounge. We set up our tents and started on dinner when a couple of men dressed in red vests came and told us that we could not camp there. They were not excited by our presence but they tried to accommodate by offering us a ride down the mountain. It was not clear if they understood that 1) they could not fit our trailers in their car and 2) we have given ourselves strict guidelines about walking the entire Silk Road and that we would not take the ride. We packed up our trailers again and hit the road one more time, this time at 18:30 with 8 more km to do. We rolled up on a town at 20:30 and were stoked to find that the town had a hotel and a restaurant that was still open. We ate like kings and checked ourselves into the hotel for the night. It was a good day. Does going over the mountain beat going through via a tunnel? It definitely does!


Distance: 27 km

Total Distance: 328 km

End: Sanshancun


Written by Paul

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