Day 18


We left the mountains and found the valley. It didn’t happen all at once though. We started our day at the small guest house we had stayed the night before. After saying our goodbyes and taking our traditional photo with the hosts, we hit the road. The road quickly turned into a little gorge with cliffs on either side of us. We had anticipated a steep and long uphill this morning but were presented with only 20 minutes or so of such. Most of today was downhill, and we rolled through it. On our way down we saw a runner going up the hill. An impressive feat and we all cheered him on. 


We stopped at a place of worship on the side of the mountain to have a snack and water break. During our break, the runner we saw from earlier came up to us and greeted us all. He was interested in what we were doing and invited us to lunch. He said it was only 5 kilometers down the road and that there would be a restaurant waiting for us. When we made it down the hill and to the town, true to his word, he was waiting for us. He hosted two of his friends and us to a huge feast of mounting chicken and veggies. Some of the best food we’ve had on the trip thus far! They asked us all about our trip and gave us loads of advice for the roads to come. They turned out to be truck drivers who knew the best roads that would serve us and exactly how far away every city was on our route. The time ran by quickly and soon was 14:30 with 15 km still to go for the day. They were the ones to say that we better get going but not before saying that we should meet up with them again in Tianshui where they knew where the best beef noodle shop is. 


Tomorrow we meet Conner and her family. We’re excited to finally have Conner as our first visitor to come and walk with us. Yay Conner!


Distance: 20 km

Total Distance: 389 km

End: Just outside Maijishan


Written by  Paul

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