Day 21


International communication and multiple time zones. This morning resembled the past three years of planning when we accomplished numerous meetings with our team while we had people in China, Russia, Sweden, Colorado, and LA. This time we had four of us in one room and only one person in another time zone. We talked about our systems and how we’ll best relay this epic expedition we are undertaking with folks like you reading this daily journal. It was nice starting the day this way because most of the day’s route entailed walking down one road. We must have walked down that flat straight road for 12 kilometers today. Cars, buses, and trucks zipped by us as we walked by countless car dealerships and auto body shops. 


If the Silk Road can be used as a metaphor for globalization, then today's Highway G310 is truly the Silk Road because we saw cars from BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, Ford, and many others I do not remember. To have this many car dealerships from all over the world boggles the mind when you think of where these companies got their start and where they are now-Tianshui, Gansu-near the heart of the main land China. 


We rolled into our hotel around 16:00. I had had some shoe problems (they have been giving me blisters as my feet have swelled) so Timb and I left to find and shoe shop in Tianshui (surely a city touched by the Silk Road would have a decent shoe, right!?). We walked around for three hours but eventually found an outdoor sports shop with a tightly wound owner. He was pumped to hear about our expedition, shared his personal stories of conquest and give us advice for the coming hardships to come all at once. It turned out he was a part of the Chinese Alliance for Outdoor and Expedition and passed on his help for our future. We are looking forward to meeting more people like him in the future. Cheerful to know more people are finding purpose in the mountains in China. Get outside people ☺  


Distance: 17 km

Total Distance: 427 km

End: Tianshui City – Hotel


Written by Paul

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