Day 22


Rest day today! Last night we decided for a variety of reasons that it made sense to spend the day in Tianshui, and my feet were certainly grateful. I’m definitely still being broken in so I don’t feel too guilty about enjoying a break today. The main reason we decided to stay another day in this dingy grey city was to interview our friend from the outdoor gear shop where Paul bought his shoes. After a bit of a lazy morning, we managed to find brunch noodles from a very eager-to-meet-us couple. The lady was making wantons/dumplings that are specific to this area, and were delicious. They took at least 20 pictures with us while we tried to eat. After breakfast we made a plan which was promptly and drastically changed when “running man” (the friend from the mountains before Maijishan) showed up. Ultimately, Pat and Timb went to the Fuxi Temple and got free entrance plus a private tour with a lady that spoke a bit of English. Paul and I split off and went to meet the gear shop guy. It was a successful interview, and his shop was fun to peruse. We ended it with a little photo shoot which was made all the better when Pat and Timb came running up to join. We left our gear friend in good spirits and, dividing and conquering again, met our fun need (Paul and Pat went to see Thor) as well as our…survival need (Timb and I went back to the hotel to do internet related stuff.) Successful and productive rest day! 


Distance traveled: 0 km

Total distance traveled: 427 km

End point: Tianshui- Hotel


Written by Conner

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