Day 3


Planned a big day of hiking today and not only did we do it, but our bodies still feel great. In fact, we clearly have too much energy left as I am writing this at 11:30pm because we hung out and watched Megan, Nick, Mark, Lisa, and Dan’s interviews. Today was our last day with Vivian and it will be felt that she is absent. No more being treated to surprise hot pot, hotels, or Starbucks dropped off by car as we walked through a rural village. Between feeling good after a long day and having continued to fine tune our plan and structure, it feels like things are coming together well. As Vivian leaves I look forward to beginning to figure out the challenges of finding a place to sleep for ourselves. Tonight, though we sleep where one of the four most beautiful women of China was laid to rest. Feeling happy about our success and building our routine.


Distance traveled: 28 Km

Total distance traveled: 65Km

End point: MaWeiZhen- Hotel


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