Day 23


Today was a quiet one. We got an early start that began with a feast at the hotel's buffet breakfast then we hit the road. We were back with an old friend again, highway G-310. Today was marked by a long continuous uphill followed by a long continuous downhill. As we walked between two massive retention walls to our surprise, we saw someone up ahead videotaping us. It was our friend Wang Zhaopeng also known to us as "running man"; the man we had met last week running up the mountain past Maijishan. He told us about the road ahead of us and even wanted to send a car to follow us to make sure we were alright. Shortly after we ran into another one of his friends who pulled over, gave us hot water and local bagels. He and his wife invited us to go see a site farther along our route. We plan to join them in the morning and head to the site we could say off in the distance as we walked today. It sits atop a hill in the edge of the valley with a massive gate wall in the front. We ate lunch on the summit of our days walk today and took a break to play chess before continuing.


Well, we have just arrived at our second hotel of the night. Just as we were about to do our evening meeting we found out that the hotel had notified the police that we were staying there. As we tried to come up with a new plan for the night, the police showed up to ensure that we were leaving.  We got kicked out of the hotel at 9:15 pm, luckily the owner of the hotel gave us a ride back to Tianshui to the same hotel as last night.


Distance: 20 km

Total Distance: 448 km

1st attempt at an End: Quliucun - Hotel 

Final End: Tianshui - Hotel


Written by Timb

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