Day 26


After a late night watching the much anticipated Stranger Things Season One finale (plus then the first episode of Season Two), we woke up very late, but we must have all needed the sleep. We got moving slowly, me calling a friend back home to troubleshoot my camera which is not currently working, while others did a variety of morning things. We set off around 11:15 to find “breakfast” at the place next to our original hotel from last night. Sheep meat bubble bread soup. It was tasty but a little to meaty for my taste. Paul took a long phone call which might result in a new partnership with a startup that focusses on the Chinese language, which would be mutually quite beneficial! After lunch we wandered down the old shopping street towards the “Phoenix Mountain Temple Complex”. It was a very peaceful place, still in use by seemingly many monks and nuns, on top of a big hill that overlooked the city in every direction. There were so many little temples and towers and flowers and trees. We spent much longer walking and exploring the area than we expected, but we were really enjoying the peace and quiet I think. After this, we walked toward the mall where we hoped to find a battery for my camera. On the way, I spotted some chocolate goodies, and we bought a half kilo…Finding them so delicious, we bought another half kilo later! We did have success finding the battery in question, but so far my camera is not back to life and I am very disappointed. After finding the battery, we shopped around in the supermarket, didn’t buy much, then headed back to the hotel. We all did work for the rest of the afternoon/evening. I uploaded blog after blog to the website while the guys planned their first border run and the fundraiser in Yangshuo. We snacked A LOT today because, as it turns out, this town does indeed have good food, including lots of good snacks. Hopefully we’ll still have some left as we head into the rural valley that will take us to Dingxi. 


Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 472 km

End: Qin’An – Hotel


Written by Conner

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