Day 29


What goes up must go down, then up again, then down again.



This morning we started in Timb and I’s preferred environment, cold and wet. The mountain dew was thick and prevented us from seeing just how high we were or how far the road went at times. The dew clung to our hair and bags. This morning not only brought the condensation but brought us Elinor, our canine friend and companion. She followed us for the better the part of morning providing plenty of time to pet and play with her as she wagged her whole body with joy. She followed us till we made it to the next town over and she had to cross another doggos territory, where she turned into a scaredy-cat.


The next town we rolled into quickly over ran us with children. One by one they came out of the wood work swiftly falling in love with Pat and rapidly annoying Timb. The same town had the first restaurant we’d seen in multiple days so we treated ourselves to a hot lunch. If you have issues with people watching you eat, this trip is not good for you. Saying goodbye and walking away made Pat look like the pied piper with all the children fallowing behind him.


Distance: 24 km

Total Distance: 538 km

End: Anyuan Zhen - 安远镇


Written by Paul

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