Day 30


Today we were back to valleys, blacktop, and (semi) flat roads. We decided that as much as we love the mountain views, the up and down and up and down is really a time suck. Plus, in reality, the Silk Road of old would have chosen the path of least resistance, and our route through the mountains was certainly not that. Despite not walking on a high ridge, we still had some spectacular views of mountains above us, and river canyons below us. At times it felt like the wild west.




We found some "Chinese Snickers" bars at the grocery store the other day, and thought to try them as a potential replacement for the massive amounts of snickers the guys eat. Today at lunch we opened one up. Turns out...nothing on the package is inside the actual product... 


Shortly after lunch we found a temple/amusement park with lots of colorful flags!



After a chilly day of making kilometers, we are camping again, and it’s quite a lovely spot. We are set up on a nice flat grassy patch behind a hill that protects us, for the most part, from the occasional hum of a truck chugging by. On camping nights we always seem to discuss the intricacies of our lightweight backpacking tents while setting up camp. There is no one way to set them up (they are freestanding), and they seem to attract condensation like nothing we’ve seen before. 






We all have different thoughts on this particular piece of gear, but tonight, I’m feeling really at home in mine.

Distance: 22 km

Total Distance: 560 km 

End: Camping in a valley, off County Road 083


Written by Conner

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