Day 32: Dumplings & Grants


Thirty-two days into the walk and the planning and preparing continues. Our day was spent by writing grants—one actually—, finalizing a fundraiser presentation, and the never-ending website chores. Timb and Conner tackled the grant writing with fervor. It was a very impressive feat to behold so much work and focus sustained for an entire day. Paul and I had our attention on the fundraiser coming up in Yangshuo before our first border run as well as figuring out details of when, where, and how our transport will work to get us there and back again.


All in all our rest days have been plentiful of late and the work on our priority list continues to grow. Our newest challenge is to manage this growing list. Oh, and to adapt to the dropping temperatures; it snowed today.


Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 580 km

End: Tongwei (通渭)- Hotel


Written by Pat

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