Day 34


Today was a pretty mellow day of walking. We woke up in our concrete cell bedrooms of the unfinished…hotel(?) we were staying in, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast indoors. Pat made tea on the one working burner of six while we waited for our breakfast feast, complete with a bowl of peanuts that entertained us for far too long. We lingered over breakfast because no one was too eager to go outside into the chill air. Finally, we made a move, and started walking. After not too long, our host from the night before drove up to say hello and offered a ride, but Pat and Paul assured him we like walking. 


It was a chilly day all day, even when the sun was out, and I feel proud to have started a trend: the Backet aka the backwards jacket. This being necessary to maintain enough layers for optimal warmth whilst keeping back sweat down to a minimum. Given how cold it already is, I don’t envy the idea of being out here all winter. I will be sending love and warming thoughts when I am sipping coco under a blanket or enjoying an après ski, thinking of you guys starting your day.


Distance: 19 km

Total Distance: 623 km

End: Camping in a dirt field somewhere near the town of Shangyangjia (上杨家)


Written by Conner

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