Day 39: Bye Conner


We saw Conner off at the train station this morning, it was sad to see her go as her company had been really enjoyable.



We walked a small highway today with the tan valley that looks a lot like the scrubby desert hills of central California. We didn’t start walking till 11, but we crushed out our short day at a very fast pace with only one break.


It sunk in today that the excitement of the trip has worn off. It simply feels like normal life now. It also feels unlike any expedition we have done before. I feel that this is inevitable due to the longevity of the trip. We also deal with far fewer hardships on a regular basis due to places we have been walking through so far. This trip will constantly be defined by our location, and it surely will no longer feel cushy when we are in the wilderness areas of the Gobi in the dead of winter.



We returned to our hotel tonight after dinner to find the police waiting for us. They explained that the town we are in is too small for foreigners. When we explained what we were doing the police then took about an hour doing what they could to register us in Dingxi.


Distance: 20 km

Total Distance: 692 km

End: Chankou (巉口)- Hotel


Written by Timb

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