Day 41: Dinner with thousands


I’m glad that who I get to walk the Silk Road with don’t share the same ideas as me on all of the topics we talk about. If we agreed with everything each other said it would just be boring. Fundamentally we all disagree on reality itself.


Is there an objective reality or is there an infinite amount of realities? When a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound? Is the worst feeling, the feeling of your sleeve falling down your arm as your washing your hands? How far have we walked today?


These are the questions that boggle our mind as we walk the Road. These questions are fine and entertaining for our company, but for Pat and me we can’t even begin to have this conversation in Chinese, so we don’t get to bring other people into the banter. Which is probably for the best because this isn’t polite dinner conversations, to begin with.


Dinner with one guest we stray away from such heavy conversations but dinner with over a couple thousand guests and who knows what you're going to talk about! Tonight, we were invited to dinner with a guy who live broadcasts his life on “Panda TV”--the guy we met the other day. What do you even talk about when that many people are watching? The answer is you just reply to the questions they are posting on the live feed.


Have you ever had dinner with over a thousand people before? Well, we just did, and we’re hoping it doesn’t go to our heads. Here’s to being young and famous!



Distance: 23 km

Total Distance: 745 km

End: Yuzhong (榆中)- Hotel



Written by Paul

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