Day 45: Infrastructure finds


I spent the morning enjoyably in and out of naps at the spare apartment of our couch surfing host, Wenyu. Meanwhile, Paul and Pat had a Chinese lesson with Love Panda, then helped out with Wenyu’s English class for two young children. We rejoined for a lunch her mom had cooked and then back-tracked to check out a project for CSIS that we had accidentally walked past the day before. While Paul and I walked some overpasses for different angles, Pat went the route up the hillside. 





Afterwards, we returned to the far west end of the city where we are staying and continued our discussion of whether we should stay or should we go. It is becoming strikingly apparent that on a walking trip of two years what will define a lot of it is when we decide not to walk. With thousands of kilometers to walk and months before we have dates and places to be, figuring out how far behind we let ourselves get is challenging. 


However, we designed a schedule with the intention of getting ahead and falling behind. While it may be more ideal on paper and planning to get ahead first, the land we pass through warrants a pace of its own. If we are rushing out of Lanzhou and then end up having more time than we need later, we will regret it. On the other hand, how many other places will we also want to stay and not rush away from? I imagine throughout the trip this will be a challenging decision that will continue to pop up. For now, though we have chosen to take it slow, knowing we would regret what could have happened here if we were to leave tomorrow. The good thing about the challenge of this decision is that now we are really looking to make the most of these next two days here. I look forward to seeing what will come from them.


Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 812 km

End: Lanzhou (兰州)- Wenyu's apartment



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