Day 54: 5 day recap


I honestly have no idea what day of the expedition it is right now. In fact feels like we are returned to the expedition ten minutes ago as we settled back into Wenyu’s (our couch surfing host) spare apartment to come up with a plan. The last (maybe it was five days) was a blur of a border run and fundraiser at Paul and Pat’s old home in Yangshuo. Just about every part of the last week felt weird. The aimlessness of having no structure to the day after having a set routine for so long. This was undoubtedly a precursor to the shock we enviably will face at the end of this expedition. 


While in Yangshuo I spent my time revitalizing in a way that only having schedule would allow. The first day was spent knocking out some work. The next was watching others climb, teaching and playing magic, puking from food poisoning and hanging out with Kit,  who went to school with Paul, Pat, and I. The rest of my time was spent recovering which meant a lot of sleep and missing out on most of the food opportunities that weren’t barbecue or noodles. Finally, we held our fundraiser on our last night in town which went well, with much Paul and Pat’s community there. We also got a care package from the states with of Buff gear and other goodies. Unfortunately, the lemon bread was snagged by customs.


 Finally we got the much anticipated border run out of the way with a overnight bus, a metro ride, a quick walk through of four customs checkpoints, another metro ride, a bus to our plane, a flight to Xi’an, a bus from the plane to the airport, a bus back to the same plane from the airport, a flight to Lanzhuo, a bus from the plane to the terminal, a train to a bus station, a bus to Wenyu’s, 25 floors up to get a key, 25 floors down, walk a building over and 12 floors up. All of today's travel reinforces how much I prefer walking. Whether I needed a rest or not I am stoked to begin walking again and excited for this next leg of the journey. 



Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 812 km

End: Lanzhou (兰州)- Wenyu's apartment



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