Day 55: Return to walking!

It was a quiet day as we returned to our walking routine. Today was the first day we made forward progress since the first of December. Whoa! An eleven-day break! No wonder my legs feel tired after only 20 km.


Our environment is slowly changing as we leave the cityscape behind us. The valley walls that flank the Yellow River are drab dirt and sparsely vegetated. Here and there are huge red stripes running diagonally up the valley walls. It’s more than enough to make the valley as a whole seem colorful and unique. This valley is the beginning of what is called the Hexi Corridor and will take us up through Gansu to the Gobi Desert.


Lanzhou has become colder since we left for our border run. Winter is upon us, and our route will continuously bring us north until spring. I look forward to every source of heat we meet until then.



Distance: 20 km

Total Distance: 832 km

End: Xinchengzhen (新城镇)



Written by Pat

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