Day 56: Slow starts


Today was a cold start, and slightly earlier than the day before. We started at 10:30 am, nice and relaxed. Our goal is to not rush into walking 30 km a day even though if we started at our normal start time of 8 am we would probably cruise all the way to 30 km. The reason is to let our bodies ease into the full swing of walking again without creating any new injuries.


Nice and slow was our original plan, and it is our current mode.


We walked next to a tributary of the Yellow River all day today and will continue to follow this river as it cuts through the mountains for the next couple days. The river is just as yellow and full of silt, but it’s small enough to be covered in ice at its edges.


It’s getting cold, and we’re finally digging into our winter attire.


To warm nights and good fortune.  And more to come.



Distance: 17 km

Total Distance: 849 km

End: Kushuizhen (苦水镇)



Written by Paul

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