Day 57: Loading up


We woke up this morning at our in-town reservoir campsite to the sounds of dogs barking and the occasional person walking past. We packed up, got breakfast in town then got going around 10:20 am, another late start. Despite being a gradual uphill most of the day (that will continue for a couple more days), we still arrived at our hotel by 3:40 pm. It is a quiet area we are walking through that looks like Death Valley National Park with its steep gravely hills all around with veins of dark red and slate grey streaking the sides. The police were fast to arrive at our hotel tonight having only been here a half an hour before they knocked. In line with every interaction we have had with the police so far in China they were friendly and helpful. Their parting words though were, "this area is orderly and we should not fight with the old people here."


My body is sore today despite the minimal distance we have done. The eleven days without walking made me feel like I lost the endurance I had gained before. The other factor though is the weight training. When we started I carried almost nothing on my back and little water and food in my trailer. Now, we are fully weighed down, and although we may not be to our wilderness section yet, this is the time to prepare. I wonder how long it will take for my body to become accustomed to the new load?  Hopefully soon.


Distance: 20 km

Total Distance: 869 km

End: Hongchengzhen (红成镇)



Written by Timb

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    K (Friday, 02 February 2018 10:33)

    Hey boys it's time to update your "daily " journal ^^

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    Silk Walk Expedition (Friday, 02 February 2018 12:33)

    Hi K!

    We agree! Currently we are walking a little faster than we can write, post and edit the blogs. You can count on us to post three to five blogs a week. We enjoy keeping everyone updated and we will try to post a larger bulk here in the next week!

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