Day 60: Walking Sickness

My day started early, puking in the bathroom at 4 am. I don’t know what gave me this latest bug, but what I do know is that this is pretty normal for me. Sixty days in and I have already been sick three times. The guesses on when I will get sick next range from a week to two. Nearly every time I travel outside the United States I have gotten sick. Whether with a sudden high-fever flu while crossing the border from Belize to Guatemala, getting mono and E. coli at the same time in Nicaragua, or simply using the toilet all day long in Nepal. 


For me getting sick abroad is simply a part of traveling. When my parents asked before I left what would happen if I got ill, I simply responded that of course I would get sick and it will suck. Well, today was just that. I dragged my body along the highway lined with beautifully rugged and barren hills with aches in my legs and arms. I "puddled", as Paul described it, every time they left me for a moment. Meaning, basically collapsing to nap wherever, even the step outside the potential hotel. 


While I was in my world of misery today, Paul and Pat got the three of us invited to lunch at the home of a man we met on the street. His mom cooked us some odd looking, but really tasty meat soup with bread chunks dropped in. He tried to give me more warm layers as I was dressed to be walking out in the sun and showed us the bracelet Xi Jin Ping once gave him. He offered a mid-day drink, something which will undoubtedly be a constant once we enter the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately though, the drink was too much for him as he began slurring with quickly degrading Chinese, we all thought it would be best if we continued along our way.


When we reached the small city--or tiny town in the Chinese sense--where we are spending the night, a girl approached us on the street. With decent English, few winter layers, and a lot of energy, she offered to help us find a hotel. She later came back to take Paul and Pat out to dinner while I continued in my collapsed state in the room. Hopefully I feel better soon, but for now, I will just try to continue to suffer well.


Distance:  20 km

Total Distance:  939 km

End: Tianzhu (天祝)



Written by Timb

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