Day 64: Achievement Unlocked! 1,000 Km


It’s all downhill from here. Or, at least, until we get to WuWei. Today we walked downhill all day long, passing rolling hills and half frozen streams flowing through the valleys. The hills have been covered in dried grasses as we head north and enter ever drier areas that are being grazed on by herds of sheep. The streams may be small but are refusing the chill as they flow steadily; growing and consuming the frozen crust that skirts the river banks. It creates a contrast; an eye-popping frozen snake, slithering its way through the landscape.



We’ve been walking at a faster pace than normal over the last couple days, and our bodies are feeling good about it, too, rather than worn out and sore. Both the increase in speed and stamina are great signs for the long haul ahead. And speaking of long haul, today we hit a milestone as we walked passed our 1,000 kilometer mark! We took a few selfies and kept on walking. It felt good, too. Now we just need to do the same thing eight or nine more times!



Distance: 32 km

Total Distance: 1020 km

End: Gulang xian (古浪县)- Hotel



Written by Pat

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