Day 66: Seizing Serendipitous Opportunities


Waking up late in the field after having traveled late the night before, I finally began to feel the wear on my body from the rate we had been traveling the last 3 days. Turns out the field we choose to sleep in was right at the entrance to an old Silk Road site. We walked the 2 km driveway to the White Pagoda Temple. It stands amidst a garden of trees, the individual pagodas looking unimpressive alone. Seeing so many of them sticking out just above the tree tops created a cool ambience feeling of some secrets must be hidden in these humble pagodas. This Tibetan temple complex was built when the Tibetan choose to come under the rule of the Mongolian Khan in 1247. Uniting China and Tibet, albeit under the rule of the Mongols.


We continued from there to Wuwei and arrived late, tired, and sore. We are looking forward to two days of rest here after having travel 124 km in just 4 days. While at dinner we got invited to an internet café next door by the owner of it. Pat decided to call it a night, while Paul and I went to go have tea there. After a moment of hanging out in the fanciest internet cafe I have ever been in, we were given seats and encourage to start gaming to our hearts content. Ever the opportunists, Paul and I took full advantage and dove into playing Civilization VI--a game I had been talking about wanting to play for a week now. It was only when my watch alarm went off for the morning and the workers at the café began sweeping around us that I realized we were the only ones still there. Feeling wired and exhausted all at once, Paul and I ripped ourselves from the game and went home at 8 am to get a nap in before accomplishing the duties of the day. 


Distance: 25 km

Total Distance: 1083 km

End: Wuwei (武威)- Hotel


Written by Timb

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