Day 69: Merry Christmas to Everybody on the other side of the IDL


The day started with more Christmas calls home to people we didn't get in touch with the day before. It was nice to be able to talk to some of our loved ones and hear about how life back at home is going. I then went back to our favorite ròujiámó (juicy pulled pork stuffed into flaky pita-like buns) restaurant and attempted to order 12 of these Chinese burgers to go. This was a huge order, and in China, restaurants will stop you from ordering too much food if you try. Therefore, it took me a couple tries to finally get them all, and when it was all said and done neither they nor I knew how much they made me, but it was more than 12. 


The rest of the day was spent in our patterned behavior here of doing nothing. It has been really refreshing. For dinner, we found a pizza place to satisfy our desires for some food from home. Unexpectedly, the pizza was actually quite good but very Chinese. The cheese and crust were exactly what we were used to. In between those, though, was some classic Chinese dishes and one that tasted like a packet of taco seasoning. On our way out we asked them where they got their cheese, something we have been unable to find thus far. After explaining they get it delivered to them, they agreed to sell us some. We then headed back to go to bed. I am stoked about our bounty of 1 kg of shredded mozzarella that will just go oh so fast. 



Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 1083 km

End: Wuwei (武威)- Hotel



Written by Timb

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