Day 70: When Problems for Future Pat Become Problems for Present Pat


Paul, Timb, and I are much bigger gaming nerds than I previously thought. Our plans for the day were to make a quick stop at Long’s (Mr. Big’s Internet Café) that we’ve been frequenting during our stay in Wuwei and ask him if we could interview him. Then we would hit the road and do at least five km with what remained of the day.  We chose five km because we wanted to ease back into our walking routine and set ourselves up for a solid day tomorrow (maybe also because we had a very slow start to the day. ;-P)


Well, we made it as far as Mr. Big’s Internet Café when they told us he had not arrived yet. As we were discussing whether to get our 5 km out of the way and come back since we would still be in the city or stay and wait for him, they offered us a seat and said that we could once again play for free and just hang out. They assured us he’d be around soon. Uh oh, they know our weakness! We ended up playing more computer games until Long arrived. He told us to keep playing as he had some things he needed to work on. He showed us pictures of some anti-terrorist training he needed to go through with his staff to send to the police for records. The images were of some simple self-defense moves and even a detainment hold that held the culprit’s wrist in a twist behind their back. After a moment, he asked us if we could help with this training by being this culprit. We accepted and joined in what turned out to be a few photos that included the use fire extinguishers. Haha, happy to help! With the work done and no closer to starting our walk for the day we sat back down at our computers and continued playing.


After a little while it seemed that Long was available for the interview, so we sat down and had a chat with him about life, religion, gaming, Wuwei, his hometown—Tianzhu, we stayed in Tianzhu a few days before arriving in Wuwei—, and some adventures of his own. After that, he invited us into his office and showed us a sword he had and offered dinner together. Whether it was Mr. Long’s gracious hospitality or our urge to nerd out, we ended up staying again until eight o’clock the next morning before starting our five km walk.



Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 1083 km

End: Wuwei (武威)- Internet Café



Written by Pat

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