Day 72: Breaking Out of Wuwei

It continued to be difficult to break the inertia that we had built in Wuwei. After waking up at 10:30 am, still shaking off the hangover of our video game binge that occurred in Wuwei, we got off to another late start. After making it to the edge of the city (again), we then remembered that we needed to take a photo for a sponsor (CSIS) back on the south side of the city. Paul and I hung out at a restaurant while Pat grabbed a Mobike (a near-free rental bike available all over China) and biked a 12 km trip to take a couple of quick pictures. 


We finally were able to really leave Wuwei around 3:30 pm with plenty of kilometers still to walk for the day. It was another smoggy day as we returned to G312 which was lined with dreary looking plants. When we arrived at our hotel/restaurant, we were met with a barrage of photos and questions. It is good to be on the road again, and I look forward to getting back to the routine of walking after five days of Christmas break in Wuwei. 



Distance: 19 km

Total Distance: 1105 km

End: Zhoujiaxiao zhuang (周家小庄)- Hotel



Written by Timb

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