Day 73: Home Stay


We spent our day on a single road getting back into the groove of walking. The Hexi Corridor lives up to its name. A straight forward route along the edge of the Qinghai Mountains on our left, making up the northeastern corner of the Tibetan Plateau, and vast expanse to our right. The walk continues despite the feeling of being on a treadmill. Only by looking back can we see the steady progress we are making.


The day brought us past solar fields and through towns filled with markets and produce. Where the oranges and extensive variety of vegetables are coming from I do not know? This evening we stopped to cook our dinner on a picnic table and were invited in by a shop owner. After a bit of chatting and finding out that we intended to camp out, we were further invited in to stay the night in a spare room. 


Until you experience being taken in and offered so much in such a short amount of time, there are no words I can express that accurately depicts the appreciation of other’s generosity.



Distance: 22 km

Total Distance: 1127 km

End: Zuozhuang (左庄)- Homestay



Written by Pat

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