Day 75: Sidewalk Recycling

As we left the small industrial town that we stayed the night in we got to witness some of the recycling processes of China. Here nothing useful goes to waste. Stuff being repurposed and recycled happens at a much smaller scale all across the country. Today we saw a foundry at work making pots on the side of the street. Melting down scraps of metal and even soda cans to produce cookware. 

The rest of the day was seen walking through the very quiet Hexi Corridor. With hills on both sides, we slide through a valley corridor with golden grasses swaying across the vast expanse. We arrived at truck stop rest stop for dinner and then began our full moon hike. Walking into the night is the most enjoyable thing we have found to do when the temperature plummets as the sun goes down. Rather than go to bed at six pm because of the cold, we just keep on moving. This is enabling us to travel through this corridor quickly in the eternal search for any alternative to our camping dinner of curry noodles. This night ended at 10:30 pm, and we were asleep very promptly.



Distance: 34 km

Total Distance: 1188 km

End: Near Majiaxizhuangzi (马家西庄子)- Camping



Written by Timb

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