Day 77: Harsh Beauty and Unexpected Motivators

 Walking in the Hexi Corridor is pretty much how we expected it to be. Were comfortable when the sun is out with no wind and bitterly cold when any cloud blocks the sun or there is any slight wind. It’s incredible how fast we lose our warmth through convection out here. The landscape is breathtaking and drab at the same time. Fields of grass swaying in the wind with mountains scraping the sky in the background. This goes on forever! We are following the path of China’s Great Wall, but we cannot see it. It’s on the other side of Highway G30 and is probably no more than a dirt mound for as far as the eye can see at this point. We’re looking forward to standing on top of the Great Wall as soon as we get the chance. Spirits are high, and bodies are tired after walking 90 km in the past three days. As I write this Pat and Timb are deep asleep having passed out at 6:00 pm. 


We keep running into places that have beds and what a joy it is to sleep in a bed. Beds and restaurants are major motivators for us out here. We will easily walk an extra 14 km if it means a hot meal and a warm bed. This is most certainly an expedition, but unlike any I have ever done before. As cushy as a restaurant and a hotel sounds the journey to get to these places on foot make up for any hesitation when calling this an expedition. This is tough but super fun. 



Distance: 18 km

Total Distance: 1240 km

End: Ximencun (西门村)- Hotel



Written by Paul

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