Day 79: Return to the Center

Rest Day! The plus side of walking further each day is more rest days—if we choose to take them, that is. And yes, yes we do.


Today I tended to my need for introversion while Timb and Paul left the room to explore and socialize, leaving me to veg and hang out with myself—it was fantastic! I think being an introvert is a wonderful thing. I can keep my own company without becoming bored or lonely. I can enjoy peace and quiet without the need for stimulation. I can reflect and rejuvenate myself at the same time. I kind of feel like introverts are like the moon; quiet and still, not always noticeable, only ever revealing a part of the total. Extroverts remind me of the sun; always shining bright, hard to miss, and, like the sun, extroverts have a sort of gravity to their personality, always finding themselves at the center of things. I like the sun, but I definitely identify with the moon.


While I took the day to recharge, Timb and Paul met up with some friends that met us on the road yesterday as we entered the town. They told me they were guided around town eating a lot of really good food. They also went to see the largest reclining indoor wooden Buddha in Asia called The Thousand Buddha Temple. This temple happened to be next to a ski hill. Sorry, I missed the temple visit, but luckily we will walk right by it on our way out of town. Win-win.



Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 1262 km

End: Shandan (山丹)- Hotel



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