Day 97: Hippy-Dippy


Since arriving in Jiayuguan two days ahead of schedule, we have taken the time to catch up on chores and rest. It has been very nice recently—walking every day—making up so much ground, and a nice routine of being constantly on the move. After almost 100 days following a single goal, this is where my thoughts are:


Seeking equilibrium, or balance, is the way of all things and a daily schedule is no exception. I’ve found that filling my days and routine with walking has been a great way to see my life without the normal attachments I felt. It has in turn been very revealing of the more core characteristics that define me. What I mean is by adopting the simple lifestyle of walking, and the simple, immediate goal of staying on the move I am better able to see myself through my actions, reactions, and those all-important unfiltered responses that affect my mood, outlook, and disposition of what’s happening around me. Which all feed into who I am—or, at least, how I interpret and react to my surroundings.


My actions define me. My thoughts manifest my actions. My state of mind determines my thoughts. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed observing myself through this journey of adopting a new lifestyle. Being able to remove myself from all the usual stimulation and move into a very straight forward idea—walk west a little more every day—has helped shift my lens. Shifted my lens away from all the outside forces that weigh down on me and turned it inward allowing more control over how I choose to see the world around me. Maybe this is what everybody is talking about when they say they want to do some soul-searching. I don't know, but it’s been nice letting my mind wander, reigning it in, and then letting it wander again. The things that keep returning must bear more significance. In doing this, I have been rewiring myself to respond more meaningfully and with less knee-jerkiness to the stimulation of life.


As for my day today, I didn’t leave the hostel and barely left my bed. It was a very relaxing day that ended with a movie Paul and I watched with lǎo bǎn (the boss).


Distance: 0 km

Total: 1575 km

End: Jiayuguan - Herdman’s International Youth Hostel (Highly Recommended)



Written by Pat

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