Day 109: Let's stay one more day...


Today we planned on having a meeting at noon, to accommodate our international partners (Conner and Katherine) instead of walking at 8 am, which we usually strive to do. The meeting didn’t happen till closer to 1 pm and it lasted 2 hours. This is all well and fine because we only intended on walking roughly 17 km today. After our meeting, we went for noodles and decided Pat should go get his phone plan checked because he had no reception and data for the past two days. The prospect of only having one working phone during a desert crossing was enough for us to take a moment to see if we could get it fixed. By the time that was done was 4:30 pm the day was well past. We had high intentions of still walking as we buckled everything down on our trailers. Our lovely hostel owners shared their concerns about us starting so late and offered us one more night before we go. They had been waiting for us to leave so that they could go on vacation. After about 20 min of talking it over, (making it around 5 pm) we decided that to stay one more night may actually be the better choice. So here we are, 8-days into our visa-stay, and 0 km of progress to show for it. That being said, 8 days in and we have a much better plan and are incredibly eager to start walking again!  

Distance: 0 km

Total: 1575 km

End: Jiayuguan – Herdsman International Youth Hostel



Written by Paul

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