Day 110: On the Road Again


Today was entirely uneventful, except for the fact that we finally left Jiayuguan. Now we will have our last string of amenities as we start heading deeper and deeper into the desert. We have finally left the Herdsman Hostel, a place that had begun to feel like a home after having spent so much time in Jiayuguan. It feels good to be back on the road. We are intentionally starting with smaller days after our border run. This really means we just stopped early. Luckily there wasn't any wind. After having our small no-cook dinner, Paul and I went exploring while Pat curled up in his sleeping bag. It feels right to be on the move again, and as always it is great to be camping while the weather is so nice.

Distance:  22 km

Total Distance: 1597 km

End: Camping - Farmer's Road outside Jiayuguan



Written by Timb 

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