Day 114: Getting Ahead of Ourselves


Today we find ourselves in Yumen taking an unintentional rest day. Last night we had difficulties finding a place to stay that would accept us. Eventually, the police told us they were giving us a ride forward to Yumen. So we find ourselves ahead of schedule with a dilemma. We must return to our endpoint from last night and walk back, but forwards, haha. The main dilemma is that the police were very accommodating and brought a van to haul our trailers to Yumen. Bringing our trailers back to where we were is the tricky part (expensive). So, we can either walk with little to nothing on our backs, for 46 km or we can bring heavy packs and winter setups, to allow us to split our back-track into two days without trailers taking the weight. Either way, we won’t be bringing our trailers back with us. This conversation has been back and forth and thus dominated our day. Other than this conversation we also changed hotels to save some money. All in all not a very eventful day. 


Stay tuned…

Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 1660 km

End: Yumen Hotel



Written by Pat

Pat and Timb getting loaded into the back of the police truck yesterday.
Pat and Timb getting loaded into the back of the police truck yesterday.

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