Day 85: Normal Life


It’s amazing how quickly and thoroughly we adjust to new routines. The last few days we’ve been resting in Zhangye, sight-seeing. After three months it seems quite normal to be walking regularly—speaking of walking regularly...I should mention that I’ve been writing journal updates on rest days for the past several entries at this point which is a little contradictory to the point I’m trying to make… anyways. Even though these rest days feel very nice, they also leave me with a feeling of anxious jitters like we should be back on the move, ya know, a “normal” day. 


Our routine has become a comfortable one, with a new place to sleep each night and on the occasions when we linger for more than two days, it feels strange. My point is this: In just three months I have gone from being comfortable with sedentary living to having more comfort walking every day taking few to no rest days. So I came to China, yes, but I immediately put down roots and settled into a new sedentary life. This current life is very different from moving to a new country for a fresh start. I thought about other aspects of life that are easily adjusted to over the course of three months or so. I found that most things fell into this category: new jobs, living in new places, adopting a new workout routine or eating habits—if they aren’t given up before three months, that is.

Anyway, humans are awesome!


Distance: 0 km

Total Distance: 1326 km

End: Zhangye (张掖)- Silk Road Travelers Hostel


Written by Pat



PS: Out Trip Director and my partner, Vivian, came to visit for my birthday today! She didn't let any one know she was coming and it totally surprised me! We ended up going out for an amazing Hot Pot meal and going on some much needed adventures for a few days while she was here. Thanks for coming Vivian! We definitely would not be able to pull off this trip at the level we have been so far if it wasn't for your help!



- Paul 

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