Day 90: Three Months


Today was our biggest day and our first big day in which we planned to walk far. We started by buying 15 ròujiāmó (Chinese pulled pork) for breakfast and lunch later. The workers were surprised by how much we ordered and made sure to take a bunch of photos with us. Then we hit the road following our original strategy of taking a good long break every two hours. We drew a crowd and were invited into warm shops; this happened whenever people were near. 


We also passed our first de facto looking wilderness today. It was filled with shrubs and trees and looked as if humans had not impacted the area at least for the last couple decades. Hopefully, there are more of these to come, and we may even be able to have a campfire soon. Today was also our three-month milestone. China is now the country, outside the USA, I have spent the most time in. We are also less than halfway through it. Despite our long day, we were still one km short of Paul's goal of a marathon, I'm sure after today that will happen soon enough.


Distance: 41 Km

Total Distance: 1409 Km

End: Nanzhaizi cun (南寨子村)- Hotel



Written by Timb

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