Day 92: Disciplined

Discipline is everything. Without it, we would not be able to do this trip at all. It shows when we pack our things up in the morning or when we go about our daily chores (kind of like this one right here; writing this update for you all), but we would probably not tell you that we are the most disciplined people. We continue to find things we want to improve on whether it be brushing and flossing our teeth more, practicing a second language, or simply waking up a tad bit earlier. 


Here are two examples in one of how we lack discipline and how we are disciplined. Today we didn't start walking till 2:30 pm because we slept in, ate breakfast, made a call back home to catch up with people, ate lunch, wrote the journal entry to the day before, then finally got going. After all of that is when we swing back into being disciplined travelers again because we traveled 30 km today. It's nice learning what we want to get better at boils down to discipline of one's self. When you're disciplined you don't need motivation; you already have it within yourself. Now to find the motivation to gain discipline. 


Distance: 30 km

Total: 1463 km

End: Somewhere near QingShui (清水)- Camping



Written by Paul

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