Day 93: Roadside Coal


We awoke to find that in the previous night's hike we had begun following another mountain range. The landscape here is a mix of beautiful and barren. We passed very few people and villages in this area, excluding the nearly constant flow of trucks avoiding the tollway. We did walk by one woman walking down the road collecting the coal that regularly falls off the over-loaded trucks hauling it and littering the roadsides here. I have joked before that this is what we should be doing to have a coal campfire at night. We passed by a massive wash today with what looked like an enormous canyon complex coming from the mountains. If only we didn’t have border run flights to catch it would have been nice to get lost in them. I’ll just have to wait for after our border run.


Distance: 22 km

Total: 1485 km

End: Qingshui (清水)- Hotel



Written by Timb

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