Day 131 - Live Event


Today was our first Facebook Live event! It was amazing to start our day by having a conversation with people from all over the world. All who were there to ask us questions and generally support us on our walk. Big shout out to the Insight Adventures and Voyager Outward Bound School communities who came out in numbers! Thanks, y'all.


Watch our whole event here


Our goal was to raise money for us to be able to walk across Iran but we neither made much money, nor talked at length about Iran. Doh! People's questions did not linger on the idea of us walking through Iran, and we did not bring the conversation back to Iran. We dropped the ball in that regard, but the show of love and support from our family, friends, and larger community made up for it tenfold.


After our live event, we hit the road. Over 16 days of not walking made me eager to get back to pushing the trailer again. We were stopped multiple times today by people giving us water, taking pictures with us, and being hospitable. We were even invited to dinner at someone's house! His mother made chicken, fried vegetables, and noodles that were amazing!


After dinner, we walked perhaps 100 meters before we saw a flat field that would be perfect for us to sleep. We set up our tents at eight and climbed right into them. It finally feels like we are back on the expedition! 


Distance: 17  km

Total Distance: 1725 km

End: Camping



Written by Paul 

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Наша миссия - пройти от одного символического конца Шёлкового Пути до другого, переплетая истории различных Мест, Людей, и их Целей.