Day 133 - Welcomed Warm Weather and Unexpected Binguans


From one unexpected 'bin guan' to another. Today we walked county roads along what seemed to be seasonal wetlands on the edge of a series of streams coming from the mountains to our southwest. As barren as it has been, and as we thought this new place would be, we are pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by tall, currently dried out, grasses, trees, and streams. In the recent heat wave, the series of streams that run perpendicular to our road are beginning to thaw, the standing water in the ditches to once again run its course. The days have been warm enough for us to delayer and walk a little more freely, however, the lop-sided face tan is coming in strong now too.


As we entered town tonight it was the first time we were greeted by local police and told we must stay. Rather than the normal, "this town is too small and you can not stay." Good thing we planned on camping only 3 more kilometers down the road. Instead, we find ourselves in a very cheap apartment (the police said this was cheaper and nicer than the local 'bin guan'). This small town had a hot pot restaurant that we took full advantage of and ended up paying much less than we expected. The police registered us early, so that's a plus, and we have WiFi and beer, too. Side note, the beer cost 26 cents per can and it's not that bad. As unexpected as this evening has been, it's all good and we are currently as snug as bugs in rugs. 


Distance: 25 km

Total Distance: 1777 km

End: Bulongjixiang - hotel



Written by Pat

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