Day 134: We Don't Recommend Doing This


We don’t recommend walking the Silk Road. It’s boring and uneventful. IF you want a load of time to listen to podcasts, talk at length with your friends about topics that may or may not really matter, look at flat nothingness for days on end, practice your slack jaw, interact with people from all over the world, test yourself physically and mentally, and understand the world as a whole better, then I guess you may find what we’re doing interesting.


I joke but in reality, the understanding of how slow this expedition is, is really setting in.


We joked a lot about how this and more is true, yet somehow we were able to take photos of the surrounding area that capture its beauty. The golden grass waving in the wind on vast fields where you can see horses grazing, galloping and playing off in the distance isn’t that bad of a view as you walk down a straight-as-an-arrow road.


We find ourselves camping in lumpy, dry mud tonight. After we set up our tents and started cooking dinner, we saw the moon come out in full. Nothing like making the countryside, which we had been joking about being boring, instantly interesting when it becomes celestial.


We get to sleep with a full moon casting its rays on us tonight, lighting up everything in the desert. The shadows are a bit fainter and there’s a glow that the sun doesn’t provide.


Walking the Silk Road may not be for everyone, but we do recommend getting out into the “boring countryside” to experience subtle beauties like this for your own.


Distance: 24 km

Total Distance: 1801 km

End: Camping



Written by Paul

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