Day 135: Walking Across Gobi


After meandering through villages the last few days, we are most definitely in the Gobi now. All the land to our north is flat. It is completely covered with dark stones except for the commonly dispersed tiny brown shrub. It looks lifeless, although I know there must be some living things out here we have yet to see signs of. I wonder if we ever will.


The day was filled with our usual philosophical debates. Todays topics were about what makes up a person's identity, and whether our trip is continuous or not. It was concluded that we disagree about identities and that there are no simple answers about whether our trip is continuous or not. These debates make the time pass quick as we walk, and the day was over earlier than I expected it to be.


Distance: 22 km

Total Distance: 1823 km

End: Gobi Desert off G312 - Camping



Written by Timb

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Наша миссия - пройти от одного символического конца Шёлкового Пути до другого, переплетая истории различных Мест, Людей, и их Целей.